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Limousine Hire is Available for Your Sydney Sweet Sixteen Birthday

One of the best ways to show your daughter a good time on her sweet sixteen birthday is by planning her extravaganza as well in advance as possible. That way, you are able to book everything without any issues. This is especially true for those looking for a cheap limousine hire. Limo hire in Sydney books quickly during their busy seasons because people want them for weddings, anniversaries, business trips, and so on.

Tips for Planning a Sweet Sixteen Party

  • Book early: as mentioned above, planning in advance is essential. Look for an affordable limo hire Sydney price that matches your budget. In addition to that, book your venue, caterer, and hotel accommodations for any out of town guests, if applicable.
  • Budget: create a budget that allows for a little bit of flexibility because prices change, unexpected guests show up, and last minute details come up. Make a list of everything you know your daughter would want for her sweet sixteen party including decorations, music, and food.
  • Catering: if you are not able to prepare the food yourself, hire a caterer to handle the cake, the dinner, and the snacks. Most parties of this nature work best when it is a buffet style format.
  • Guest list: try to firm up the guest list as soon as possible so you can turn a head count in to your venue and to your caterer. This is also important for the limo hire Sydney company because they will need to know how many cars to have available to pick up out of town guests and /or to organise the events.

Avoid Overspending

If you don’t need something for the party, don’t let yourself get talked into extras.  Some of the above areas might be out of scope for what you have planned. That’s ok. The limo rental alone will thrill most 16 year olds.

For example, if you plan to save money by providing your own music, don’t let the venue talk you into using one of the DJ’s. Another example of preventing overspending would be if you want to purchase your own decorations at discount prices, rather than renting what the venue has available. The prices add up quickly, so be sure to check every line item to ensure you are not spending too much.

Additional Ideas

If your daughter wants to continue the party at home with a few guests for a sleepover, consider using a limo hire so the party can continue on in style. This is, of course, barring any budget constraints that may be present. If this is the case, ask adults who are attending the event to carpool guests to your residence so they can continue celebrating outside of the venue.

Contact us to enquire about booking one or more limos for the big event. We would be happy to quote.

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