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Limo Hire in Sydney: Planning a Golden Anniversary

Are your parents getting ready to celebrate their Golden Anniversary? This is a monumental time not only in their marriage, but also in the lives of all of their family members. In addition to reaching a milestone moment in their relationship, they’ve shown their family and their peers that their marriage has been able to stand the test of time. If you need a limo for the event, you can contact us. We’d be happy to transport your parents in style. This is a great way to show appreciation!

Planning a Golden Wedding Anniversary

  • Create a guest list: have a family meeting and be sure to involve close family friends. Have everyone brainstorm a guest list of those who are close to them, as well as those they haven’t seen in a long time. These reunions will help create a memorable event for everyone involved. Once the guest list is complete, send the invitations out at least three weeks before the event. That way, response cards and RSVP phone calls are received well in advance.
  • Transportation: Have the guests of honor travel together in the limousine. These guests are, of course, your parents. Additional guests could include all of the children, or those who they have specifically chosen for this event. Depending on the size of the event, you may want to hire more than one Sydney limo or hire several taxis, too.
  • Choose a venue: if the family doesn’t feel comfortable hosting a large group of guests, consider using an outside venue like a country club, a wedding venue, or something like that. Make sure there is plenty of seating available, wheel chair access, and accommodations for those who can’t climb stairs.
  • Catering: choose foods for the menu that are your parent’s favorites, and that follow any dietary restrictions they may have. Because getting up and walking around is difficult for some guests, considering using waiters and waitresses to serve the food. Some caterers offer these services with the packages and, if not, consult with the venue about this option. You may also choose to have an appetizer and dessert buffet to help cut costs.

When the party has come to a conclusion, a limo can typically be arranged to return your parents home or to their hotel. If you are having a small after party for them so they can open gifts or look at photos, the car can likely be booked for extra stops.  Be creative and have fun with this event. It’ll be something the whole family talks about for years to come.

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