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Give Your Teen a Fairy Tale Debutante Ball with Limousine Hire in Sydney


Every teenage girl has dreamed of having a fairy tale princess party at some point in her growing years. Fortunately, you can play the part of fairy godmother through stretch limo hire in Sydney. Instead of a carriage, she could step out of an elegant limousine for the perfect debutante night.


Where can you look for limousine rentals?

  1. Plenty of companies provide services for limo rentals these days.
  2. Browse the internet and enter your zip code to get a list of all companies near you.
  3. You can also get recommendations from your family and friends, or skim through ad listings at newspapers or magazines.

What are the factors to assess in a rental provider?

  1. Price – Before anything else, you have to make sure that you could afford their service deals and packages.
  2. Vehicles – Check the type of limos that they feature and find out whether they suit your personal preferences. For debutante balls, people often hire the traditional stretch varieties for a classic appeal or the Hummer versions for a modern vide for teenagers.
  3. Licenses – Check whether their business is licensed by your state’s business bureau. Also review whether their vehicles are registered commercial vehicles.
  4. Chauffeurs – Their drivers should be trained and qualified to drive these special automobiles.
  5. Car Amenities – Find out what kind of installations and amenities are added to the cars for a more luxurious experience. Examples of these are audio and video systems, special lights, food and drink counters, internet connections, and plush seats for passengers.
  6. Years of Service – More experienced providers could be trusted more. This also allows you to go through the testimonials posted by their past clients.
  7. Insurance – Find out whether they provide options for insurance for passenger liability. This would cause you to pay more than the usual but then it keeps your passengers secure.
  8. Staff – Aside from drivers, other staff members may be hired. Examples are bar tenders for drinks, waiters for food, and disc jockeys for great music.

How can you book a rental?

  1. If the company has a website, visit their page and find out whether you can book electronically. This would normally require you to hand out your credit card details for payment.
  2. Get their contact details and find out if you could reserve a service and pay on the day itself.
  3. If they only allow personal bookings via their main offices, check the address and visit their place during your free time.
  4. Try to check out and inspect the vehicles personally before confirming your booking.

If allowed, it is better to pay for half the price when you book and cover the remaining cost at the actual day.

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