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Getting Married? Hire a Limo Service for your Wedding Party Transportation Needs

Weddings are a special time of your life and quite a busy one too! To have one less thing to worry about, why not hire a limo service for your wedding party’s transportation needs? Yes, a limousine drop-off and pick-up definitely showcases the wedded couple but it is also quite convenient too.

Things to Consider Before Booking Your Wedding Limo

How large is your wedding party? If you plan to have several attendants for both the bride and groom, you might consider either booking two limos so everyone can be transported at the same time, or arrange activities so that the limousine can transport the groom and his attendants in one trip and the bride and her attendants in another trip.

Determine how you want the transportation to work. Do you want the limo service to pick up everyone at their homes or hotel? Typically, when you hire a limousine, service and cost begin at the initial pick-up area and will end when you dismiss the limo driver after the last transport. Don’t skimp on the number of hours you hire the limo service. Wedding activities such as photo opportunities and the ceremony don’t always run on time so consider padding the time frame you require for the limousine.

Timing is Everything

The timing of your wedding often dictates the pricing of the limo services. For instance, most weddings on a weekend during popular wedding times will cost more that perhaps a wedding in the middle of the week or a weekend during off-peak times. Once you set a wedding date and evaluate your transportation needs, book your limo service as soon as possible. Weddings are the most popular reason for hiring a limo so booking far in advance will ensure you get your choice of limousines.

In addition to the timing of your wedding, another consideration is how large of a limo do you need? Some models seat ten or more people comfortably while others hold less. The bridal gown and other formal attire should be given consideration. If the bridal gown is poufy and takes up a large amount of space, a larger limo might be required to accommodate it. Some limousines have a special bridal door which is made for accommodating a large dress.

Don’t allow the little details to bog down your wedding planning. Make things easier on yourself and hire a limo service to take care of your wedding party’s transportation needs. Not having to worry about getting to the church on time is important!

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