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Christmas Carolling In Sydney by Limo

You may not think it’s safe to allow your children to walk around your local streets, knocking on stranger’s doors and offering to sing a Christmas carol or two, for a few dollars. This gives you the perfect opportunity to hire a limo for an evening and present your driver with a list of your friends and families’ addresses so that a group of you can arrive at their door and know who you are singing for.

Keeping Up With Tradition

It has long been the tradition to walk around your local community and go Christmas carolling with a group of your friends. You don’t all have to own voices that sound like an X factor rehearsal, but if one of two if you are able to keep in tune, the others will soon catch up.

It’s fun to get a group of friends together, whether you are musically skilled or not, which gives you the opportunity to sing your hearts out with a repertoire that not only will your group know, but your audience will probably know every word as well and may wish to join in.

Don’t Walk the Streets at Night

The difficulty with walking around your local community is that you don’t know how safe you are going to be even if you believe you live in a harmless area. You certainly don’t want to send younger children, who will be so pleased to join your ad hoc choir, out into the unknown. There are so many stories in the news detailing people who set off on innocent excursions only to end up as television fodder as the stations report the tragic circumstances which ensued.

You can remove most of the worries and dangers by being delivered directly to a number of locations where at least you will know that your audience will enjoy your visit and will also reward you handsomely.

Pulling your carollers together

When you don’t know which carolling group to join, you could always start your own. You most certainly wouldn’t want to sing alone as this wouldn’t achieve the traditional carolling effect that most people would expect.

If you spread the word around early enough, you will find enough people who will be pleased to join you and as long there are at least five of you, or more, you will be able to provide the full carolling effect and share the cost of your limo. Sydney carollers will also tell you that this is also a good way to make new friends and you will enjoy the few rehearsals that you will require so you can decide upon your repertoire and practice sufficiently, so your audience will enjoy your performance.

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